Learn to elevate your mental game

Pushing your body to perform and compete requires more than physical effort.  Whether you’re training for a marathon or just trying to get in shape, establishing a game plan is easy, but sticking to one is anything but. When the novelty wears off, how will you stay motivated? What happens when you’d rather sleep in than go to the gym? Are you prepared to be uncomfortable? Really uncomfortable? How will you react if your body can’t operate at the level it once did? Take yourself to another level by strengthening your mind as well as your body.

Mental challenges can — and will — present themselves along your athletic journey, threatening to take the joy out of the experience. That’s where Courtney can help. A former Division I athlete, coaching director, and sports psychology expert, she’ll teach you coping skills to tackle the mental side of the game so you can achieve your physical goals and have fun doing so. Together you’ll tap into the emotional energy of competing, be it against a clock or a field of others, and channel it into your performance.

By elevating your mental game, you’ll learn how to:

Embrace pressure
Manage internal and external distractions to stay focused
Set mental objectives to complement physical ones
Balance your emotional and physical needs
Improve your self-confidence
Become a game changer!

Contact Courtney to discuss a customized program that works for you.